Lake Chalice

Lake Chalice - The Falcon - Riesling

Lake Chalice - The Falcon - Riesling

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Stop for a moment and ponder this aroma. A falcon, hovering 100 feet up, drops an apple and a pear from his talons. Within seconds they hit the ground in front of you and instantly vaporise. Can you
smell that fruity duet?

A racy, medium-dry Riesling from our Walsh vineyard, Marlborough. To taste, it’s like a car chase scene from a movie. You’re in the driver’s seat of an open-top car speeding around a corner. You smash into a fresh lemonade stand.

As you see the stand owner pump his fist in your rearview mirror, you lick your lips and experience the delicious combo of ripe fresh citrus and juicy lemonade. Cut to new scene. Racing gloves hold a glass of fine Riesling, you take your first sip. The end. Until the next sip that is.

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